INTECCNO will offer a solution adapted exclusively to the needs detected and guaranteed by our experience in the sector.

Some of the most common services we can offer are:


  • The RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) management system is a software system that provides access to a relational database. Its main advantages are:
    • Tabular structure of the data, simple and easy to understand and use for users.
    • It allows multi-user access since it incorporates transaction management that avoids collisions between two users who update the data.
    • Granting and / or restricting privileges to individual users based on the types of database tasks they must perform.
    • Ease of maintenance, the RDBMS system provides tools to maintain, repair and back up the database safely and efficiently.

Inteccno achieves high availability in deployments thanks to the definition of an efficient architectural design and a good management plan for the productive solution. As a result, our team manages to prevent the dreaded system crashes and provides minimum response times in the operations performed by users.

A database without tuning can be slow or consume the memory of the equipment unnecessarily. INTECCNO configures the different elements of the service, so that the database consumes only the adequate resources, without affecting the speed of response or the use of memory when doing operations on the database.

The purpose of backup copies is to recover a damaged database. Backup and restore operations must be customized for a specific environment and work with the available resources. Therefore, a reliable use of the backup and restore process for data recovery requires a backup and restore strategy. INTECCNO provides a well-designed strategy that allows you to maximize the availability of data and minimize the loss of data, always taking into account the specific requirements of your company.


Our certified staff on several platforms, such as Oracle and Microsoft, will help you with what you need.

Bases de Datos
The team of administrators carries out an exhaustive analysis of the client's needs based on both the existing relational databases and the new strategies set by the client.